Refund Policy

Our Guarantee: Get Rankings in 90 Days or Our Service is Free!

It’s a pretty simple guarantee and one we pride ourselves on: if your website does not rank on the 1st page on Google for at least 1 of your keyword phrases that we target within 90 days, we work for free until it does.

Most SEO Companies will not offer any type of a guarantee of results. While it is true that there is no guarantee that the major search engines will index your website, or give it a higher ranking within a set amount of time, we will feel it’s important to offer a guarantee of our SEO Services.

SEO Marketing is a form of advertising that is similar to any other form of advertising. If you were to lease a billboard on the freeway to advertise your company, it’s possible that not even a single driver will pass by and call.

Nobody can guarantee that any advertising will actually produce satisfactory results whether it’s tv, radio, online, or otherwise.

This agreement is conditional on having full co-operation of THE CLIENT.

This means that any request made by FindUClients’s technical support team must be carried out within the given time frame in order to achieve common goals within the specified time.

This guarantee does not cover any major changes or errors made by Google which are beyond our control.