Responsive Web Design

The web has changed drastically over the last decade. A world not long ago dominated by laptop and desktop computers has shifted. Almost everyone has a high-powered computer in his or her pocket or a tablet that they can enjoy from the comfort of their couch. In the emerging days of mobile web technology, websites did not conform to smaller screen sizes.

Both design and marketing experts agree that a website should be tailored to the user’s behaviour. As a user changes device, the layout of your site should change to match the screen size. That is responsive web design.

Responsive design delivers your content to your potential customers, wrapped in a design that conforms to the screen size of the device that they’re using. Our team can help you deliver a consistent and beautiful user experience to your customers regardless of their device; desktop or notebook computer, tablet, smartphone, even television browsers. Your website will seemingly magically adjust to the width of your user’s browser.

Why Choose Our Company?

Our team can incorporate responsive design into a new or existing website.

As early adopters of responsive design methods, we have the tools, technology, and experience to design or modify your site to make your site work with any browser or device.

We understand the common mistakes that responsive designers make, and are constantly experimenting with new methods of responsive design.

Contact FindUClients today to discuss our full-service web design services, including how embracing responsive web design can help your business.

Is Responsive Design Worth The Cost?

Simply stated, yes. Many people have completely ditched the idea of accessing the Internet with a desktop or laptop PC, and use tablets and smartphones for everything.

It’s estimated that 40% of all web traffic is mobile. These are people who are interested in your products and services, and you certainly wouldn’t want to alienate them.

Our team of professional designers and developers employ the latest technology to create mobile and tablet-friendly responsive mobile sites. This saves business owners the cost of developing and maintaining a second mobile site. Your site will simply adapt to your customer’s device.

Responsive design overcomes many challenges:

No more vertical or horizontal scrolling to find your content or products.

The same website for all devices!

The style is separated from your content, allowing for changing your site’s look and feel without impacting years of content.