Social Media Marketing

A high-quality website just isn’t enough in 2014. Marketing efforts must be expanded beyond a traditional print, television, radio, and website strategy. Social media is one of the most important tools available to business owners today.

Social media presents a unique opportunity for businesses to interact with customers, prospects, and even conduct market research. Many forward-thinking businesses have begun to conduct customer service using social media. By developing your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other profiles, you can increase brand awareness quickly.

Our team has experience in developing, maintaining, and managing social media profiles for a wide variety of clients across a wide spectrum of industries.

Google Plus Business

While still a relative newcomer to the realm of social media, Google Plus is positioned to become a prime-time player over the next twelve months.

A Google Plus profile can allow you to interact with clients on YouTube and other Google services and has been proven to provide a boost to your website’s search optimization strategy.

Our team is ahead of the curve with Google Plus marketing and can help your business:

  • Design and maintain a Google Plus profile.
  • Develop a content strategy for Google Plus.
  • Set up Google Authorship to bolster your SEO efforts.

Facebook Business

The importance of Facebook cannot be understated. Globally, 1.3 BILLION users log into the site at least once a week, with over half of those users being mobile. On average, a user spends 18 or more minutes on the site each visit, with many users logging in more than once each day. Nearly half of all users are in the 18-34 year old demographic. You cannot pass up this marketing opportunity!

Our team can assist in:

  • Profile design and implementation.
  • Facebook advertising, sponsored stories, and campaign management.
  • Facebook application development.

Twitter for Business

Twitter is everywhere. With nearly 700,000,000 registered and active members, there are unique opportunities to leverage the microblogging service to your advantage.

Twitter is all about building a community that is engaged with your company, your products and your services.

Our team is experienced and can help you with:

  • Twitter profile design and development.
  • Twitter advertising campaign development and management.
  • Developing content specifically for Twitter.
  • Implementing customer service protocols via Twitter.

LinkedIn Business

LinkedIn is a social media platform that lets business professionals opportunities to build a personal brand.

LinkedIn is a fantastic business to business tool and it is a very under-resourced social media network but it is growing in popularity as people realise the benefits of Linked In.

We can help set up your profile, connect with like-minded contacts and find some interesting groups to get you started.

  • Set up your profile on LinkedIn.
  • Set up of popular LinkedIn application to extend your Linked In profile.

The benefits of Social media marketing:

Social media marketing can grow your web presence, open you up to a wide range of new clients, and increase the opportunity for your content or products to go viral!

Contact our team today for a no-risk consultation on your overall social media strategy.